Tuesday, 2 August 2016

An unforgettable 3 weeks

Goodbye from Winchester

Discovery Summer Winchester has now closed its doors for 2016. Our students have surpassed all expectations and we are truly grateful to have spent this summer with them. Reflecting back on the course, it is remarkable what our students have achieved across the curriculum. The final London excursion incorporated the London Eye experience. This allowed the students to view London from a new breath taking perspective. Our academic programme was a major success and this was epitomised at our final Sunday Presentations where the students delivered a quality array of performances. We all rejoiced on Sunday night the success of the course at a final graduation dinner. This was a chance for the staff and students to bond over a final meal and reflect on the memories created over the summer.

We would like to wish all of our students and families well for the year ahead and we hope to see many familiar faces next year.

Saturday, 30 July 2016

Coming Together for Charity

Winchester Gives Back

For nearly a decade, Discovery Summer has been working in conjunction with Action Aid to support the Kola Tree Community Schools Project in Sierra Leone. So far, we have funded the construction of the Community Primary School and Junior High School in Freetown, and as a result more than 600 children now have access to education in their community.
These projects rely on fundraising from our various summer courses. One vital aspect of this is the Charity Day we host at Winchester every summer. On Friday our campus was transformed into a traditional British summer fair, complete with a raffle, coconut shy and cake decorating stall. Our diverse student body took the opportunity to showcase activities and games from around the world, incorporating less traditional stalls such as a beautiful origami station and a very popular henna stand. This was followed by a charity auction where prizes included the rights to 'shave or save' an Activity Leader's beard, or pour buckets of iced water over our Course Director Kevin.

Overall, Charity Day was a resounding success, with over £500 raised for the Kola Tree Project and a brilliant time had by all.


Winchester's Wish Tree

If you can dream it, you can do it

The Wish Tree is a beloved tradition here at Discovery Summer Winchester. Every year we ask our students to write their hopes and dreams for the future onto coloured fabric to be tied onto our favourite tree, Little Twig. As the tree has taken shape, we have been overwhelmed by the positivity and warmth expressed in the students' messages. The flashes of colour amongst the leaves serve as a daily reminder of how kind and forward-thinking our students really are.  

Friday, 29 July 2016

British Council's 'Your World'

Welcoming Our Global Competition Winners

Discovery Summer Winchester is delighted to host the prize winners of the British Council 'Your World' competition. Our talented students, journeyed from the UAE and Jordan, have joined us for our final week and have quickly integrated and become valued members of the DS family. Out of a remarkable 1300 applicants, these students were selected as winners for their collaborative documentaries, which gave fascinating insights into their lives, communities and cultures.

Their prize-winning submissions can be viewed below.

Thursday, 28 July 2016

Musical Multi-Activity

Homemade Instruments: A STOMPing Success

Students watched a short junk drumming demonstration by Activity Leader, Joe, who had assembled a junk drum kit using tins, tubs and pots donated by bemused kitchen staff.They then had a chance to make their own shaker or stringed instrument using nothing but bottles, paper cups, rice, cornflakes, tape, string and dowling.

Students were encouraged to decorate their homemade instruments, and experiment to design and build new creations. Students designed their own drums, thumb pianos, shakers, stringed instruments, and even a water cup xylophone!

Finally, we practised some samba rhythms with our new instruments, before watching a video of seminal UK junk music performers, STOMP!

An Excursion to Remember

Bathed in History

Yesterday's excursion gave our students the opportunity to explore the breath-taking cities of Bath and Oxford. Splitting into two groups, they set off for a memorable day of history, culture, and of course, shopping. Both trips included tours of university campuses, in keeping with this week's theme of 'The Future'.

The Bath group began with a guided tour and illuminating admissions talk at Bath Spa University. They then toured the ancient Roman baths, before exploring the quaint city centre during their shopping time.
 The Oxford group were treated to a tour of the impressive Magdalen College grounds, learning valuable information about Oxford University and its college system. They then visited the Ashmolean Museum, which was established in 1683 and houses treasures such as Egyptian mummies and sketches by Raphael.

Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Winchester Majors through the lens

Film Making, Advanced Exam Skills & Creative Writing

Film Making

This weeks project: The Discovery Summer Winchester documentary.

The students were busy brainstorming ideas for the big Winchester film that will capture the essence of the school and the amazing experience from the student perspective.

Four main chapters will be selected for the film. These will help give a detailed overview of the centre, from the academic programme to the social aspect of summer school. An important concept of the documentary is to encapsulate the extraordinary number of nationalities and cultures that the students experience here at Winchester. We can't wait to see the results.

Advanced Exams Skills

Focussed learning on Listening Skills.
This class are developing their listening skills. This is a crucial element of advanced exam skills. Our specialist teacher, Paula, is helping the students refine this valuable skill with a quick fire listening and answer session.

Creative Writing 

Focussed learning on Characterisation.

The students were constructing templates for their characters and plot creation. Today they are specialising in developing the main characters of their stories to add depth to the plot. This characterisation includes physical, mental and emotional traits in order to give the story and characters a strong foundation.

Pre-Excursion Photo

After a busy morning with the academic classes, our wonderful students have just departed the centre for their excursions to Oxford and Bath.